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Honpo had always and will always only carry brands with the best design and do right by the consumers. These brands are carefully curated and selected from established companies with a proven track record of designing and creating beautiful products of the finest quality.

At the same time, these companies need to also have a history of being customer-centric and listening to the market's demands.

These are the type of brands we carry, the greatest among the greats

Rasch Wallpaper

Since the 18th century, wallpapers are used to make homes more vibrant and beautiful. Taptenfabrik Gebr. Rasch is one of the pioneers having been incorporated during this unique century. Rasch's stylish heritage has enabled many homes to be redesigned to the peak of brilliance and comfort. The company have always been run by the innovative Rasch family. Even, today the fifth generation of the Rasch family continues to expand the ever beloved company.

Current owners and cousins, Dr Frederik Rasch and Dario Rasch-Schulze Isfort are the torchbearers for modern Rasch continuing to grow the legacy started by the company's founders in 1861. Namely, helping invigorate homes to be lively, vibrant and safe. Many have sworn by the Rasch brand and the illustrious quality of their products. Homes have been enhanced into perfect living spaces catered to each and every individual.

The brand has always stood for quality, sophistication and the constant hunger for innovation. Designs are constantly reimagined following the trend of the times. The product is constantly improved adding essential qualities that we know and love today.

If you are unsure on which brand to choose, choose Rasch, you can never go wrong with Rasch. Certified A+ in Non-Toxicity and boasting an impressive set of features and design. There is always a quality Rasch wallpaper for every individual.

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