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Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper – The Easiest Way to DIY

While conventional wallpapers are easy to install, installing them do take up quite a bit of time. Between measuring, preparation and the actual installation process, we understand that it will look daunting to DIY beginners. Taking the initiative, Honpo brought in beautiful Self-adhesive wallpapers to further simplify DIY!

#1: Surface

The surface material is made of vinyl chloride making it resistant to scratches. The designs are also hyper-realistic and there are a huge array of patterns (Wood,Concrete,Marble,etc)
#2: Backing

The backing consists of a strong adhesive covered by a thin protection sheet. To paste, peel off the protection sheet and run wild! The adhesive can stick to curved surfaces as well. No more headaches or additional work!

#3: Size

Yet, there is no need to worry, because our wallpaper have measurement guidelines on the back to help you easily modify them to your needs! Most of our SAW come with a width of 100CM but some brands may vary!
Magnificent designs made easily accessible

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a sticker type wallpaper that rapidly increasing in popularity among Singaporeans. They are made of PVC with a paper backing that protects its adhesive layer. Due to its simplicity and practical uses, sales have been skyrocketing year after year, especially in the SEA region. It is also gaining a lot of usage as bathroom wallpapers due to their water repellant properties.

Whilst originating from South Korea, the self-adhesive wallpaper has been gaining a lot of attention in central Europe and America proving its concept to be useful even for different cultures and climate. Give your home, walls or even furniture a makeover with no fuss and low cost!

Versatile Usage

One of the major advantages of self-adhesive wallpapers is that they are more resistant to moisture and heat, making them highly suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and even tabletops. Being a sticker type wallpaper, it is more modular and accepting of the surfaces it is pasted on. Besides traditional living room and bedrooms, this easy to use peel and stick wallpaper is suitable as toilet wallpaper as well as kitchen wallpaper. Tables, chairs, cupboard and even laptop covers can be transformed. Do not put limits on your imagination.

Honpo’s Collection

There are a myriad of designs to choose from and spice up your home with your own unique outlook. If you are looking to make your home unique, start DIY today!

Amongst which is Honpo’s very own Hatte Me! Collection and NuWallpaper, US's best-selling self-adhesive sticker brand.
At Honpo, we offer a considerable range of self-adhesive wallpapers.
Realistic textures
Easy to wipe clean
Can be heated to curve and stick
Hard to scratch
Easy to cut
Highly Instagrammable
Material: PVC foam sheet (Eco-Friendly)Thickness: 0.5mmInstall Area: Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as old wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, marble, furniture, cabinets, glass, metal, tile or even in bathroom.Brand: Hyundae Sheet, Magic fix..
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