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Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper – The Easiest Way to DIY

Traditional wallpapers involve a lot of prep work. While it is a fun process, between having the proper tools and replicating the whole process step-by-step, it can be tough for DIY first timers who hope to be successful at their first try. Here at Honpo, we also offer a type of DIY wallpaper that’s easy to install – Self-Adhesive Wallpaper!

DIY Wallpaper with No Craftmanship Required!

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a sticker type wallpaper that is a fast-rising trend in Singapore. Whenever people think DIY Wallpaper Singapore, Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Singapore come to mind. They are made of PVC with a paper backing that can be peeled off to reveal its adhesive sticker. It is a very popular product among the growing number of DIY enthusiasts as DIY wallpaper culture is still gradually picking up around the South East Asia region. Most of these wallpapers originate from South Korea, however Japan and US companies are also increasing in the manufacturing of this particular product as well. It is one of the most revolutionary products ever designed in history of mankind, going up in minutes and coming down in seconds.


Wide Usage and Versatility

You can use it for walls in typical places like living room and bedrooms as usual. However, one of the major advantages of self-adhesive wallpapers are that they are generally a lot more steam and moisture resistant, making them highly suitable for bathrooms, kitchen walls and backsplashes. Since it is a type of sticker that’s applicable on any smooth/flat surface, you can let your creativity run wild and apply it on any furniture and accessories, be it your table, chair, laptop cover, tumblers or even your toilet seat!


Honpo’s Collection

Here at Honpo, we sell a variety of self-adhesive wallpapers – NuWallpaper which is one of US’s best-selling self-adhesive sticker brands, and Honpo’s very own Hatte Me! Collection. Both have a wide variety of designs for you to choose from, and you will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking to add something beautiful to your house for a long time, start learning how to DIY wallpaper today, with the most beginner friendly product.

Product detailsSize: 99cm × 29cm × thickness 0.6cmMaterial Surface: Vinyl chloride, Sponge part: High density polyethylene (antibacterial material), Back side: Strong adhesive sealWeight: 134gAbout the productThe colours on the screen and the product may differ depending on the computer environment...
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