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Korean Wallpaper

Korean Wallpaper Singapore Popularity

Korean wallpaper in Singapore has become more and more popular in recent years due to the innovations and technology applied to the wallpaper. Korean wallpaper is extremely popular in countries like Malaysia and has garnered a noticeable customer base in Singapore as well, in the global proliferation of Hallyu. Combination of simple design and bright natural colours, there is no doubt the market share for Korean wallpaper is currently one of the biggest in South East Asia as simplicity proves to be an ultimate form of sophistication.


Value for Money

Korean wallpapers are very cheap, but the nature of its roll size often leads to a misconception that it is expensive. Below is a good guide for popular fair market value when you want to buy wallpaper in Singapore.

1.     Korean Wallpaper S$100-150 per roll – 1.06m x 15m

2.     European Wallpaper S$60-100 per roll (Honpo price exclusive) – 52cm x 10m

With reference to the calculation and measurements, European wallpaper seems to be priced way lower at first glance but in actuality Korean wallpaper is longer and wider per roll which often leads to a 30%+ difference in price if the covered area is the same. Importing wallpaper from Korea is also more cost efficient for Korean wallpaper shop as it is nearer to Singapore. Lower shipment costs are one of the biggest factors contributing to cheaper wallpaper as a whole. It is also worth to wallpaper your wall more than painting your wall in every 3-5 years as most Korean wallpaper in Singapore can last up to 10 years.


Easier to Install (for Installers)

Wallpaper installers prefer to install Korean wallpaper as it is wider (1.06m) and requires less joining, which saves a lot more time and matching repeated patterns to complete covering a wall. A broader width provided by Korean wallpaper allows patterns to be printed more randomly. When joined together vertically, most people do not notice the patterns are repeated as compared to the narrower European wallpaper, which might end up looking disjointed in the hands of an unskilful wallpaper job. That said, for DIYers the narrower European wallpaper is still easier as 52cm is almost equal to a woman’s shoulder length, but if cost is your concern why not take a look at our Korean wallpaper collection instead?

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