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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is the most popular option for flooring in Singapore. As such there are many different companies popping out and selling vinyl floorings. Whether those vinyl flooring is of good quality and will last or not remains to be seen. Many Homeowners have reported their vinyl lasting just a year and some cannot even bear the weight of a sofa.

This is rather problematic for Singaporeans looking for quality floorings. Simply because the current vinyl flooring market is being flooded with poor quality products.

While these products may have a low price tag. Their poor build means that you will have to replace them often and the cost and hassle of replacing them will add up to be a rather big sum and definitely cost you more over the long run.
This is rather problematic for Singaporeans looking for quality floorings. Simply because the current vinyl flooring market is being flooded with poor

High-end Floorings

Then there is the other end of the spectrum, high-end floorings. While reputable high-end floorings are built great and will last long. Itt may not be the best financial option for some. The upfront cost you pay to have them installed is rather large and could have perhaps been used for different things.

Changing the looks of your floor down the line will also be difficult considering how much you sank into the high-end floor panels. Overall, if you are in a well to do situation, this type of flooring will be a good option for you. Alternatively, for most of us, it may not be such a wise investment when the cost could have been allocated to something else.

So... What's the Ideal solution?

The Honpo team took a look at both the aforementioned products and decided to bring in a wood flooring that is built right with quality materials but at the same time affordable. Thus, we teamed up with TOLI to bring top-quality Vinyl that will not burn a hole in your pocket!

The wonders of Toli Vinyl floors
Toli PVC Flooring is widely renowned as the NO.1 Vinyl in Japan! No self-adhesive or glue is needed and this allows not just easier installation and removal but also the freedom to experiment with your creativity!

Now, our flooring will not be dirt cheap that poor quality products are sold at. However, they are built better, features an interlocking mechanism for easy installation and removal as well as cost much lesser than similar premium models from other brands!

If you find that you do not quite like how you placed the vinyl planks, simply "unlock" them and lay them again!

There are also no joint lines with Toli's locking mechanism resulting in a seamless transition between panels.

The Toli panels do not just look similar to wood but they also feel like wood. It will give an experience that can only be topped by real solid wood.

Lastly, The Toli panels are also heavy-duty being able to withstand heavy furniture, scratches and even sharp objects! They are sturdy, strong, water-proof and Eco-friendly!

There's never been a more popular period for DIY Flooring in Singapore~

Clip Type

No adhesive needed

No joint line

Real wood texture

Water and oil proof, heavy duty

All you need is a cutter

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