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Vinyl Flooring

 Vinyl Flooring

The PVC Flooring is a Japanese product that is highly renowned as No.1 Top seller for flooring. Sakura vinyl flooring is a "lock type" panel which does not require an self-adhesive or glue and allows DIY creativity. The joints perfectly lock together which produces a clean flooring with no joint line (and no water is able to get in!). Not only does the Sakura vinyl flooring mimics the looks of real wood but also feels like real wood flooring. Lastly, the Sakura vinyl flooring is heavy duty and to withstand glass cracking, scratches and heavy weights.

There's never been a more popular period for DIY Flooring in Singapore~

Clip Type

No adhesive needed

No joint line

Real wood texture

Water and oil proof, heavy duty

All you need is a cutter

Toli / Floor Panel / LPF531..
Ex Tax:SGD7.00
Toli / Floor Panel / LPF521..
Ex Tax:SGD7.00
Toli / Baseboard / LMI121..
Ex Tax:SGD18.00
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