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Exquisite Decorative Carpet Tiles from Japan ft. Toli

With the high standard of Toli carpet; all of the 100% nylon carpet tile products from TOLI are “CRI Green Label Plus” certified and pass the Indoor Environmental Quality “Credit 4.3 Low-Emitting Materials-Flooring systems”

Toli carpets are produced from high quality raw material, which make its one of the finest durable carpet tiles in the market. Fluoridation process helps enhancing Toli carpet to be resistant to stain and easy to maintain.

Innovative carpet tiles using BCF Nylon 100% from Toli; elegant design carpet that matches all designers need in both function and look. Special patterns and design by combining various woven technic such as High & Low, Multi-level, loop piles, cut piles and Toli special color dyed technic to create carpet with stunning visual effect.

A distinct look for your place with beautiful and luxurious carpet tile

Easy installation

Easy to change

Safe for kids and old people

Silicone bottom for stability

Easy to wash

Easy to clean

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