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Wall Construction Tools

Construction Tools for Wallpapers

To have a fulfilling DIY experience, we have come up with a set of tools to help you get your wallpaper construction done. There are five items in the set that we believe are going to be essential for your wallpaper construction.

Tools can be bought separately

Putty Knife

An essential tool for the construction of wallpaper. The head of a putty knife is made of carbon steel with a durable and flexible straight edge. You won't need to worry about fussy construction anymore. Pasting becomes way easier with the flexible tip of the knife, allowing smooth construction. Dry glue and wallpaper bits will also be effortlessly removed with the sharp and strong knife.


This tool can be used hand-in-hand with the gound spatula to cut extra pieces of wallpaper. After multiple use, the blade might become dull. To maintain shrapness, fold the edge of the blade against a sturdy object until the tip snap from the blade.

Ground Spatula

It is a cutting guide when cutting off excess wallpaper. This plastic ground spatula's flexibility is proven to provide better construction with ease. Simply press the spatula on the edge of your wall. With the use of both cutter and ground spatula, you can effortlessly remove the extra wallpaper parts. With this, your construction will come out as a professional work.


Applying glue on your wallpaper will be much simpler with this roller. It can be applied to a wider area at once, either on the back of the wallpaper or on the wall, and spreads the paste evenly with ease.


It is easy to carry around and has a square shape for stability. Even if you don’t use it, it’s a good idea to keep your tools in it. The attached net is useful because it can let excess glue on the roller leak down.
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