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Safety Flooring

Bathna Series -

A bathroom flooring sheet which prevents the feeling of coolness

Safety Flooring Tiles

Special embossing developed under the slogan of security, safety flooring and cleanliness will provide good slip resistance with bare feet as well as efficient water drainage. Toli’s Bathna Collection can add the comfortability in your bathrooms and changing rooms.

About Toli Bathna Collection

Vinyl sheet with cushion backing. Bathna is slightly different from usual safety flooring vinyl tiles, it is the vinyl sheet designed for bathrooms. It has the surface for smooth caster-running, and also keeps the comfortable temperature to avoid the heat shock. Very much suited for residential bathrooms, especially with kids and old folks.

Excellent 4 Advantages of Safety Flooring

Slip Resistance: Fine embossing on the surface fits your bare feet. It also has non-slippery structure under wet conditions.

Water Drainage: Due to its special surface finish, water drops are not easily left on the sheet and will dry up quickly.

Thermal Sensitivity: Even when you stand barefoot, you do not feel cold. Heat shock during winter months can be prevented.

Shock Absorption: Cushioned structure with a foam layer can absorb the shock when you fall down. Also not painful on bended knees.

Why Toli Bathna for Bathrooms

It is extremely hard to find safety flooring tiles for bathrooms, as the bathroom floor is consistently in contact with moisture, especially bathing area where there’s direct contact with water which may cause any floor sheets or tiles on top to get loose from the water seeping into the grouts below. With Toli Bathna, you get not only a high quality product with good craftmanship, it is also 100% safe to use for bathrooms and can last a very long time.


1. It is designed for indoor use, please avoid the installation in outdoors or semi-outdoors where the floor is exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Please bear in mind that surface embossing cannot always match on the joints.

3. Bathna could be contaminated by hair dyes or certain kinds of dye stuff for towels. Please avoid using those dyes.

4. Please be aware some rubber casters might cause color contamination.

5. Please note that the product has the indigenous odor from its materials.
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