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Bathroom Sheet

Bathna - Next Generation Bathroom Flooring

Safe, Comfortable, Beautiful
Bathna floor tile is a premium bathroom floor sheet developed to combine safety and aesthetics. Special custom embossing and in-house Bathna Hydro coat ensure anti-slippage, Zero water absorbency and fast drying.

Unique Materials
The custom embossing and coating enable the Bathna floor sheet to repel water and prevent absorbance making the surface water-proof and preventing slipping. Water will spread evenly over the bathroom floor when on the floor sheet and evaporate in the fastest possible time.

Hygenic and clean
The Hydro coat also serves another purpose to prevent discolouration and repel dust, dirt and other pollutants.
Without the pollutants mixing in with the floor sheet, it becomes impossible for it to contaminate the floor sheet and therefore will not breed bacterial or viruses nor ruin the colour and form of Bathna bathroom floorings.

Main 4 advantages of Bathna Flooring

Anti-Slippage: Custom embossing on the surface made to fit bare feet. It has zero water absorbency making it a truly solid surface to walk on.

Water Drainage: Thanks to the Bathna hydro coating, water drops are repelled by the floor sheet and force to spread evenly and dry in the fastest possible time.

Thermal Sensitivity: Made from an insulating material, you will never again feel cold bathroom floors with Bathna Floor sheets.

Shock Absorption: Soft foam layer ensures cushioning and quality material provides good durability and strength. This allows the sheet to stay the same form even if a heavy object was dropped on it while giving you an amazing walk.

Why Toli Bathna?

There is a lack of safe bathroom flooring globally even though many accidents tend to happen in the bathroom. Not to mention that besides accidents, wet bathrooms tend to attract insects and pests to breed and spread diseases.

Based on these problems and some more, the Bathna Floor sheet was birthed to ensure safety and usability along with beautiful aesthetics.

We present to you not just a simple bathroom tile but a safety feature that will last for many years. The splendid designs are a great bonus too!

Let us prevent avoidable accidents and prevent the spread of diseases via insects and pests today!

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