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Bathroom Sheet

Bathna - Next Generation Bathroom Flooring

These specialized bathroom tiles are special waterproof floors for wet environments.
It is made from special materials, as well as it being anti-slippery, anti-fungus, heavy duty, and safe for the elderly and young.

Because of this, it is widely used in Onsen (Japanese hot spring bathrooms), public toilets, saunas, hospitals and Silver Care facilities.
The custom embossing and coating enables the Bathna floor sheet to repel water and prevent absorbance, making the surface water-proof and anti-slippery.

The water will spread evenly over the shower floor, and evaporate off in the fastest possible time.

Hygenic and Clean
Hydro coating on these types of tiles also serves as a purpose to prevent discolouration and repel dust, dirt and other pollutants, making it a healthy option.

We recommend you this bathroom floor tile, as the cushioning provided will make a difference from the other hard floors used in bathrooms, as seen in most of the region in Singapore.

This makes it safe for the elderly and young, especially with the risk of slipping and falling included.

With its ability to mimic real and life like materials, you can achieve the look you want, especially with our stone, colour, mosaic, terrazzo and plane tile in our collection. The options are endless from our catelogues!

Main 4 advantages of Bathna Flooring
The custom emboss on the tiles makes gives more friction, especially when it contact with bare feet. It's zero water absorbency truly makes it a solid surface to walk on.
Water Drainage
Thanks to the Bathna hydro coatins, water drops are repelled by the floor sheet, and forced to spread evenly, reducing the time needed for the water to evaporate and for the tiles to dry off.
Thermal Sensitivity
With an insulating material installed within these floor sheets, you'll never feel cool bathroom floors again when using this as a shower and bathroom floor.
Thermal Sensitivity

Made from an insulating material,
you will never again feel cold bathroom
floors with Bathna Floor sheets
Shock Absorption
The soft foaming layer ensures cushioning, durability and strength to endure in a wet environment. This allows the sheet to stay in the same form, even if a heavy weight was dropped onto it.
These floor sheets are also easy to remove and replace, reducing the labour needed for installation and removal.