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Wallpaper Installation - Terms and Conditions


Please note that by accepting a Honpo quote or invoice, you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stipulated in writing. We require a deposit of 50% to confirm orders. Please note that our Japanese wallpaper products are custom made and therefore specialised goods which we cannot resell. No refunds on deposits for Japanese wallpaper products.


Installation may only commence on proof of receipt of a 50% payment and the monies cleared in our bank account. This may take several days depending on payment method. Japanese wallpapers will only be printed and not-in-stock European wallpapers will only be shipped once a final client approval and confirmation has been received by Honpo. Honpo carries no responsibility for project delays due to late payments, late sign offs, technical difficulties beyond our control, or ill prepared wall surfaces (please refer to ‘preparation of walls’ section).

Honpo reserves the right to increase prices if a deposit has not been paid within 14 days of receipt of an estimate, this is due to the current volatility of the shipping rate as many of our materials are imported. Please ensure that you pay your deposit as soon as possible in order to secure your order.

Product and service price increases will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.


It is the responsibility of the client to check information against the Layout. The following needs to be confirmed:

General layout

Wallpaper choice


These all need to be confirmed via email/phone correspondence with your ‘project manager’.


Kindly state the use of the wallpaper in order to not choose the wrong material for instance: bathrooms where water and steam may be present.


Honpo assumes that, the client has verified all the detailed information after the order confirmation and Honpo will not be held responsible for any changes made after order has been made/shipped.

In the event that a client has send us written confirmation that they want to change before order is made, we may proceed with the changes.


Generally, all walls are skew and therefore Honpo will add 50mm bleed all around to ensure the entire wall is covered. Should the client take their own measurements, care should be taken to measure the wall in at least 3 places for the overall height as well as the width:

To measure height: left, centre & right side.

To measure width: bottom, middle & top.

Please note any positions of plug points, windows, etc. (with relevant sizes); this may affect a mural image.

Please also note any reveals that will need wallpapering, as this is often a crucial detail that needs to be considered.

All walls are quoted on final wall sizes. We will ignore any window or door openings as we print for the entire wall.

All measurements to be given in mm/cm/meters.

Measurements given to Honpo by the client is solely the responsibility of the client and should be checked again against the quote/invoice/PO. Honpo will not be held responsible for incorrect sizes and measurements given.


In the event that walls are not prepared or ready in time for the agreed date of installation, no installation will be done and a quotation for penalty fees (transport) will be quoted – only upon approval of and payment of quote will a new installation date be arranged. Walls must be clean, smooth and dry. The room must be dust free and cleared of obstacles that can obstruct the delivery of a professional installation.

Honpo is required to comply with Ministry of Manpower regulations. In the events that RSW manages the on-site installations, adequate access and facilities must be provided for by the client. For Health and Safety purposes, no installation may take place unless a safe and unencumbered space is provided for the team to work in.

On installation, Honpo will not remove any electrical, security devises or wall fixtures and will cut around these items. Our installers are not qualified electricians or security experts and we will not interfere with such devices. Should the client prefer that wallpaper not be cut away, then this would be for the clients’ own arrangement for removal of fixtures.

As a rule, the walls should not be painted with glossy enamels and oil based paint as this can interfere with the glues. Walls should be sanded down and dust free if the wall is painted with Enamel paint and repainted with a PVA or water based paint. In theory, if any product rejects PVA, it will give an indication of how the glues will react. In some instances, only a light sanding of enamel paint may suffice. It is advisable to perform a test patch and will be for the risk of the client.

Freshly painted walls should air dry for at least 6 – 7 days if possible. In some instances, existing wall finishes may reject vinyl in which case Honpo will not be held liable. Honpo will not be held liable for any damp walls that may reject the wallpaper.


It is the client’s responsibility to check all printed items before commencing cutting and installation. All items should be checked in advance for faults such as or colour variances contradictory to brief. Should installation take place and then afterwards client decides that the image no longer falls in their taste, no claims whatsoever can be made to Honpo.


Should the client feel that there is an issue with their wallpaper installation (misalignment, etc.), Honpo must be notified within 6 months post installation/delivery/collection. RSW will not be held liable for any installation defects/snags after the 6-month period.

Mild joint lines between wallpaper are often unavoidable due to the installation processes required for wallpaper. We will gladly come and inspect the joints if the client believes that they are severe. It is up to our discretion to decide whether or not the joint lines are reasonably visible or not. Furthermore, we can then move towards using a process called “chalking” to amend the joins, but we do not recommend it, as the chalking colours don’t necessarily always match the inks printed.


In the instance of the client arranging their own installation, the responsibility for the end result no longer rests on Honpo and our role has now effectively changed to that of the other installer/ suppliers. There is a lot of information available on our blog, Google as videos on YouTube if you are looking to DIY.


Honpo products have a limited Warranty of 1 year for workmanship (huge joint lines and peeling) and 1 year for colour fastness. Do note that peeling and colour fastness caused by water seepage resulting in high moisture content in customer wall will not be covered under our Warranty. Poor base coat paint on customer wall resulting in peeling will also not be covered under our Warranty. In additional Our Warranty does not cover wear & tear or customers failure to take reasonable care. Common or slight variations in quality, finish, pattern and colours are not considered or accepted as faults. Visible faults are also excluded from complaints if the customer has already started using the goods.


The client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Honpo from any and all claims, loss or damage arising from any claim or action brought against Honpo and arising from or due to the client’s breach of the obligations set out in this clause.

Should Honpo suffer any damages due to the above Honpo will be entitled to sue the client for these damages.

I hereby indemnify the Supplier against claims for harm/damage cause to me/property due to reasons beyond the reasonable control or unintentional act of any person, whether or not in the employ of the supplier. This will include, but is not limited to loss or damage caused:

As a result of fire or theft, or any economical loss pertaining to the harm/damage caused.

Due to walls and/or wooden surfaces that were not prepped, primed and painted correctly before installation.

* Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time without prior notice.