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Sandberg / Otis Coral 828-03 Sandberg / Otis Coral 828-03
The dot is one of the most classic shapes, often placed in a systematic order. See how the look can change when the dots are irregular in form and scattered on the wall! Little Otis, who gave his name to the pattern, thinks that it looks like a snowfall...
Ex Tax:SGD250.00
Sandberg / Oscar Pink 221-24 Sandberg / Oscar Pink 221-24
Oscar pink is a cheeky wallpaper with colourful dots. Oscar is a pattern which gives any room that vibrant, modern look. Here shown in a soft pastel colours. Design: Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson..
Ex Tax:SGD250.00
Sandberg / Maja clay 841-19 Sandberg / Maja clay 841-19
A home in the city. Classic Swedish flowers in a pleasant structure give the whole room the scent of graphic 40’s elegance. Design: Sara Bergqvist..
Ex Tax:SGD270.00
Sandberg / Liljekonvalj Sage Green 479-38 Sandberg / Liljekonvalj Sage Green 479-38
The dream of being surrounded by a fragrant grove filled with white delicate bells and green leaves, in a sea of ​​our dear Lily of the valley. Lily of the valley is surface printed and the surfaces get exquisite color depth and life. Design: Karolina Kroon..
Ex Tax:SGD350.00
Sandberg / Aino Sage Green 661-28 Sandberg / Aino Sage Green 661-28
At dusk, they appear seductively; silhouettes of hollyhock, lupine and lily. The wall fills with a magnificent summer-scented and wild meadow. Design: Karolina Kroon..
Ex Tax:SGD86.00
Sandberg / Emrik Sandstone 839-31 Sandberg / Emrik Sandstone 839-31
In the foliage of the plum tree the wind plays softly; a still breeze that caresses the room’s pleasant graphic background. Design: Karolina Kroon..
Ex Tax:SGD330.00
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