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Madagascar, Teal

Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar,  Teal
Madagascar, Teal
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Dimensions: Width 0.5 m x Length 10 m
  • material: Non-woven
  • ESTIMATED SHIPPING: In stock: 2-3 days Pre-order: 2-4 weeks
SGD250.00 / roll

Product information:

In our design studio, the wallpaper magic starts with a good idea along with the first brush stroke. We see our studio as a greenhouse where we let both our and your wallpaper ideas grow and come alive.
This is a wallpaper that is customized to your wall dimensions. We sell per square meter (Height x Width x Unit Price) as well as per roll so you can pay exactly what you need for your walls. Our wallpaper comes with a 50cm width roll type.

  • Wallpaper Quality All our mural wallpapers are printed on non-woven paper of the highest quality. The paper is reinforced with nylon fibers making the wallpaper stable, meaning that the adhesive can be applied directly to the wall; which makes installation much easier.

  • Soft and non-reflective All our wall murals are printed with our new soft and non-reflective matte finish. The material adds an exclusive look and touch to your walls.

  • Lightfastness It’s of great importance that the wallpaper is lightfast. Otherwise, it will lose its color after a while. Our production technology is designed to provide optimum resistance to fading.

  • Washability All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge

  • Non-toxic All our wallpapers are printed on non-woven paper reinforced with nylon fibers that create no VOC ( Volatile organic compound) in room temperature. We print with all-natural non-toxic color compounds that produce no VOC and our paste is made from modified potato starch that is also non-toxic

  • Fire Class Our wallpapers are fire-resistance rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2


  • All wallpapers are made to measure based on wall size. To allow a safety margin when mounting your wallpaper, we recommend adding 10cm to the height and width of the wall respectively.

  • How to Measure: The best way to measure is to find the highest and widest point of the wall, add the 10-15cm safety margin. If the wall is slanted, you have to find the highest and lowest point and make that the height, and then the widest points and make that the width. This is to ensure the full wall will be covered and that the pattern continues nicely over the wall.

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