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We are wallpaper Specialist

Dojo were formal training places for any of the Japanese
a place for immersive learning or meditation. Honpo, as a specialist
in the field of wallpaper, wants to adopt the Dojo motifs and teach
the simple art of wallpaper installation and spread positivity to all!
We will be holding "Dojo" sessions on a weekly basis to teach every
homeowners how to easily install our wallpaper which can bring forth
the owner's artistic insights and personality.

Creativity is priority (H)

We want to equip everybody with the skills to be able to freely design and build their dream home and showcase their own unique design.
Spreading the DIY culture is what we are all about!

Everything will be provided

You do not have to bring anything to class!
All materials and tools will be provided.
The only necessity will be focus!
Good attitudes
besets excellent results.

The early birds catches the worm (H)

Due to current events, we will be holding classes of 4! You will be sure
to learn to install wallpaper in 1 class! Call 90893266 now to book your slot
before it's gone.

European Wallpaper

European wallpapers are incredibly varied with thousands of unique designs and look.
Ranging from minimalistic to floral to murals.
There are an incredible amount of designs that will
be sure to suit every individual's taste.

European Wallpapers are also made of non-woven material that grants it various incredibly beneficial features.
Some of which are being
stain resistant, high durability, fire retardant, anti-mold and anti-bacterial.

There is no longer a need to worry about the cleanliness of your wallpaper or any mold growth with modern wallpaper.
What's more, for
those who love that sparkly clean look, you can wipe down these wallpapers anytime as it is 100% washable!
Japanese Wallpaper (H)

Here at Honpo, we are the biggest Japanese wallpaper shop in Singapore.
Carrying 5 of the largest brands in Japan namely, Sangetsu, Lilycolor,
Sincol, Toli, Runon). Their wallpapers are equipped with many unique
features such as washability and deodorization.

These wallpapers have special coatings on the front surface that
make it easy to remove stains from coffee, soy sauce, water-based markers,
etc. They are ideal for use anywhere, even in a humid environment like the washroom.
Korean Wallpaper (H)

Korean wallpaper in Singapore has become more and more popoular in recent years due to new innovations and technology imbued in Korean Wallpapers.
Korean wallpapers are already extremely popular in many South-East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a growing customer base in Singapore as well partly due to the global proliferation of Hallyu.

A delicate combination of minimalistic design and bright natural colours, Korean wallpaper has snagged a massive portion of market share in South-East Asia with many in the region loving simple beautiful designs.


The floor sheet has a vinyl material like the cushion floor sheet, which is resistant to friction, water-repellent and easy to clean. Above all, the biggest feature of this floor sheet is that the backing is a "peel & stick" type of adhesive.
This type of adhesive is so simple to apply you can begin installation right out of the box!

Rental tenants can use our floorings as well as it simply does not damage the floor.
It can even be installed under barrier-free doors due to it's thinness.
The thinness allows you to install the flooring over uneven or slightly curved surfaces as well.
Making such surfaces more level and comfortable to walk on.

Honpo's floorings are sold by the meter, so feel free to purchase as much or as little as you want!
Our floorings are made for all kinds of home improvement project.

1. Wallpaper brush
2. Ground Spatula
3. Joint roller
4. Bamboo Spatual
5. Cutter
6. Roller brush
7. Roller bucket

All these tools can be bought in one go here!

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