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In Singapore, balconies and outdoor spaces are often poorly decorated with ugly tiles and dusty brushed cement floor.

Balconies and outdoor areas are supposed to be all about sunshine, happiness and enjoyment not dull colours and needing to rub your feet together every 5 minutes because of the dust.

Designs using outdoor floor tiles

Would you like a wooden zen meditation area?

Stone decking to give that robust nature look?

Perhaps beautiful grass to mimic the peaceful meadow feel?

Design Globalization

These designs are among many that we want to bring to Singapore!

Every area of your home should be thought out and designed to match your needs and wants.
Studies have shown that living in a beautiful home improves quality of life, mood and reduces stress and anxiety!

Freely mix & match between different materials

Our decking tiles utilize a 3 point interlocking system that allows you to be creative with various patterns.

Other products we carry

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