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Floor in Singapore

Floorings, even tiled and carpeted floorings of the past, are not just used by people of wealth and ranking. They were applied as wall and even furniture coverings of commoners, until the introduction of rugs.

Even from the ancient times, they are used to create patterns and for comfort, which eventually led to the invention of hardwood floors, which saw popularity rise during the Baroque times.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, more forms of floorings have surfaced, which are resistant to insects, water, stains and even scratches. These premium resilient linoleums are called vinyl flooring, and they can be installed in commercial and industrial interiors.

Luxury vinyl floorings are one of the favourites when it comes to choices for Singaporean households, as well as in many countries. It comes in many colours and textures, and mimics realistic materials such as wood and stone. It is also very durable and resistance to water, alone with it being easy to maintain and affordable.
Vinyl floorings are economical when compared to carpet, hardwood, ceramic tiles or stone floors. It doesn't mean the quality will be compromised, it is still considered high-end. 
No professional tool or help is needed as well when installing Vinyl floors. They are also eco-friendly and do not need polishing or waxing. Normal cleaning is simply enough to maintain the tiles.

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