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Singapore Wallpaper

Here in Singapore, wallpapers can be found in many interiors, be it a luxury landed house, a hotel, a restaurant, or a commercial shop. You'd be surprised to know though, that most of these wallpapers are imported from Europe.

Initially because of the high prices of these European imported wallpapers, along with the misconception that wall coverings are not suitable for tropical climates, many Singaporeans started adopting the habit of using paint instead.

When Korean wallpapers were introduced to Singapore in 2003, it was still too unaffordable for many Singaporeans. In the present day however, it is now one of the most economical wallpapers in the market.

Non-woven European wallcoverings started to make their way into Singapore shortly after, which of course opened more choices for customers, which now includes the European selection, Japanese, and Korean. In fact, 70% of the wallpaper worldwide are from Europe.

Honpo, a 20-year-old wallpaper company in Japan, launched in Singapore and Southeast Asia in 2020, bringing over 50 brands, with many available in-stock wallpaper from major wallpaper companies.

These wallpapers can conjure up many colours and print, as well as textures, especially from the embossed collection. This means even if the colours are muted, the wallpaper will still bring the room out.

Recently many more Singaporeans are being educated, and learning that these wallcoverings can indeed be installed in a tropical climate. They no longer must worry about moisture and mold trapped behind wallpapers, with the help of cutting edge technology solvents and materials.

Once hung, the wallpaper will stay where it is meant to, along with it being easy to maintain for a long time to come.

Worldwide Collection Wallpaper

Explore collections of wallpapers from different parts of the world

Japanese Wallpapers

Wallpapers made of PVC and paper layered on its back. Multifunctionality is the true brand of Japanese wallpapers. Convenience and elegance would be the perfect characters for Japanese wallpapers.

European Wallpapers

These non-woven made wallpapers are perfect for homeowners looking to introduce art into their living spaces. Affordable yet durable, European wallpapers bring only the best to the industry.

Korean Wallpapers

Simple yet captivating, Korean wallpapers are diverse in patterns and textures. Creating a calming ambiance to the room, Korean wallpapers guarantee their customers tranquility in modesty.

Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker

Wallpapers that can stick on their own!

Remake Sheet

Patching an old furniture would not be an issue with this one. Introducing wallpapers that are elastic and self-adhesive. Your walls and furniture will look fresh and even more beautiful.

Wallpaper Stickers

Renovating your homes will not be as tedious as you thought with our wallpapers. The sticker feature of our wallpapers is an innovation that will make your home renovations a fun experience.

Removable Stickers [Hatte Me!]

Renting a unit but afraid to decorate your walls? Removable stickers is the way to go. Easy to peel off and install, our removable wallpapers will be the perfect adhesive wallpaper option for you.

Removable Wallpapers & Floorings

Designed and produced in Japan, this wallpaper or flooring comes in the form of tiles / patches. These wallpapers are non-woven and soft, creating the perfect gentle and legenat texture. Simply stick and create different patterns altogether!
Customised Wallpapers
Design and realise your vision
Non-Woven Print

Using one of the most dependable wallpaper substrate, you can now create a wallpaper of your own. The non-woven material is a great way to start designing your own home without conforming to taste of the common.

Want to create wallpapers that you can use anywhere at any given time? Our customisable stickers will give you the freedom to use any wallpapers to make your living spaces more suitable to your liking.
Floor Stickers

These PVC-coated flooring acts just like ordinary stickers, but with higher adhesive quality and durable substrate. You will not have have to worry about installation anymore as our floor sheet is very light.
Cushion Floor Sheets

With our cushion floor, the surface of your homes will be cosier than ever before. The soft PVC material creates a lasting comfort that you will never forget. It is also pet-friendly, so you need not worry having scratches on the floor.
Grass Turfs

Landscape greenery can now be applied into your house. The soft grass will make you feel as though you are sitting on a big field with wind swirling around your face. Bring the outdoor atmosphere inside with our grass turfs.
PVC Floor Panels

Easy-to-install panels that will make your life much simpler and more convenient
Floor Tiles

Want a cosy house that you can live in forever? Our carpet tiles is the answer. The soft fabric of the carpet surface creates protection for kids and rel . It also comes in different colours and designs!


Decorating your garden will not be an issue anymore with our decking tiles. The connecting feature between the tiles will make you feel like completing a puzzle when doing your garden.
European Wallpaper

The main characteristics of European Wallpaper are its vibrant colors and intricate designs featuring inspirations from Asia, America, Africa, and of course Europe.

The vast amount of different designs and the extreme durability of European Wallpapers make it the go-to for most people.

The materials used to make European Wallpaper are non-woven giving many beneficial attributes such as high durability, stain resistance, Anti-Mould, and fire retardancy.

For people looking for complex designs and are willing to spend on quality wallpaper, the European wallpaper is the way to go!

With Honpo, we deal directly with manufacturers and give the best prices to the end-users, you!

Japanese Wallpaper

When you think of Japan, you tend to think of sakura blossoms, vibrant cities, and beautiful colors. However, Japanese wallpapers tend to be more conservative.

With a more simple and minimalistic design. Japan's wallpapers are sleek, clean, and stylish. While it may not be as outlandish as European wallpaper but it's perfect for clean designs and honestly, it's very hard to go wrong with Japanese wallpaper.

The material used to make Japanese wallpapers is PVC and paper. The combination of these materials makes the wallpaper durable, water-resistant and lightweight! Treated with Anti-mold and anti-bacterial solution, Japanese wallpapers have every area covered!

If you are looking for a simple, beautiful quality solution. The Japanese wallpaper will be the go-to.

Korean Wallpaper

Wallpaper Installation

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