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HONPO Removable Double Sided Tape - For Wallpaper & Flooring Use

HONPO Removable Double Sided Tape - For Wallpaper & Flooring Use
HONPO Removable Double Sided Tape - For Wallpaper & Flooring Use
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  • material: Japanese Paper (4cm x 10m) / OPP film (5cm x 20m)
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Estimated construction area: For about one piece of general-sized bran
Kitchen cabinet of construction example → Use one tape and about half
The area that can be pasted depends on how it is pasted.


1. Wipe off any dirt on the surface to be pasted and make it as smooth as possible before use.
2. It is necessary to crimp more firmly than general double-sided tape. After construction, please press the tape part firmly.
3. Depending on the material on the back of the wallpaper, it may be difficult to adhere well.
4. Wallpaper with water-repellent and antifouling functions, rubber, urethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. are difficult to adhere, so please check in advance before using.
5. Store in a room with normal temperature and humidity, avoiding direct sunlight.
6. It will take some time for the original adhesive strength of the tape to be exhibited.
7. When peeling the tape from the wall, peel it off slowly, and if the adhesive remains when peeling off, use a commercially available sticker peeler.
8. If the base is a painted surface or a printed surface, the surface may peel off when the tape is peeled off.
9. Depending on the type of base, it may not be possible to remove the tape. (Bran, etc.)
10. If it is used for floor heating, it may not adhere well to the floor material and glue may remain on the base and cannot be peeled off properly.


Points of construction
1. If the temperature of the construction surface and the tape is less than 10 degrees, the initial adhesive strength will decrease, so please use it after acclimatizing it to room temperature at 10 degrees or more.
2. On a rainy day or when the room is humid, the wallpaper will not wrinkle easily and can be applied neatly.
3. Wrinkles and shadows of the air are easily noticeable on plain wallpaper, so if you are uneasy, we recommend using a patterned wallpaper.


Simple Instructions:
1. Measure the room.
2. Cut the amount of floor sheet you need.
3. Stick the double sided tape on the ground in grids.
4. Cut the double sided tape in the middle to split it.

5. Peel off the silicone paper.

6. Press the floor sheet on the tape firmly.
Detailed Instructions:

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