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Runon / Wood RH4583

Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
Runon / Wood RH4583
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Dimensions: Width 92 cm x Length 1 m
  • material: PVC + Paper
Price in reward points: 320
Minimum order quantity is 6 meters.

Pre-Glued Wallpaper

HONPO's Japanese wallpapers are sold with glue on the back.

It is a convenient product that can be installed immediately after you peel off the protective film.

Point 1: What is the surface made of?

Most of the Japanese wallpapers have a surface made of vinyl chloride with an embossed pattern. Some of them have excellent features such as surface enhancement, anti-smudge, deodorant, antibacterial, etc., and are all resistant to scratches.

Point 2: What is on the back?

Many Japanese wallpapers have a paper backing. In addition, a protective film is attached to the glue to prevent the glue from drying. It has a scale that makes it easy to cut the required amount.

Point 3: What kind of glue is being used?

HONPO uses a starch glue that is water-based and odourless, so you can easily wash the excess/residue with water after you have finished installation. Our starch glue is F ☆☆☆☆ rated, so it is a safe material with almost zero emission of formaldehyde.

Point 4: How wide is the wallpaper?

HONPO's Japanese wallpapers follow the standard 92cm width and can be purchased from 3m onwards. There are unprinted margins on both sides of the wallpaper called 'Mimi' which are meant to be overlapped and cut.

Installation is easy as ABC 123!

Step 1:
Cut the required amount according to the scale on the film.

Step 2:
Once the wallpaper is fixed, push out the air bubbles with a brush.

Step 3:
Apply the ground spatula firmly and cut the top and bottom excess.

Step 4:
Paste the second strip, overlap both 'Mimi's and cut it. Roll out the joints with a joint roller.


  • Even under the protective filming, the glue will still dry out if left for too long.
    We recommend installing it within 2 weeks after arrival of the product.
  • You cannot tear out and restore the wallpaper as it is after installing.
  • Consult us at if you need help with calculation.

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