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Rasch / Bambino / 842500

Rasch / Bambino / 842500
Rasch / Bambino / 842500
Rasch / Bambino / 842500
Rasch / Bambino / 842500
Rasch / Bambino / 842500
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Dimensions: Width 2m x Length 2.8m
  • material: Non-woven
  • ESTIMATED SHIPPING: In stock: 2-3 days <br> Pre-order: 2-4 weeks
Ex Tax: SGD278.00

Want to create some waves? Then head off to the nursery, where the biggest fish in the world are having a get-together. With blue whales and orcas present and correct, this turquoise fleece wallcovering opens up fantastic new worlds with its on-trend drawing style. Fancy diving in?

Bambino XVIII

Come in, relax and get playing: this is the impulse behind this children’s collection. Replete with imaginative images, cheerful colours and lots of attention to detail, walls are conjured into vast, starry skies, breathtaking jungle landscapes and endless seas. But no matter which world your child might want to dive into, everything goes together perfectly. The collection features muted tones such as soft green, easy-going ocean blue, pastel pink and pale grey. Fancy something even subtler? Then why not opt for classic stripes or a minimalistic triangle pattern? These are the real deal, for life and play.

Yuki Lee 02/09/2020

So pretty design. Looks better than I could have ever expected. Delivery was fast.

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