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Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732

Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732
Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732
Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732
Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732
Rasch / Etro / Arnica 515732
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  • Dimensions: Width 70cm x Length 10m
  • repeat: N/A
  • material: Non-woven
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Arnica with its sinuous Kashmir palm motif, is a Paisley design and is the root from which the Etro tradition blossoms; it is an ancient decorative form, rich in history and meaning. It is the design spirit that underpins the brand’s own celebrated heritage. Through experimentation and technology Etro has skillfully explored and reinterpreted the classic foliage design. Arnica is the Paisley motif that Etro has chosen as the iconic expression of their style, and is available in six colour choices.

The Art of Pattern

Etro is introducing its first Wallpaper collection, created in partnership with Rasch, the renowned German company and wallpaper producer since 1861. The textile tradition at Etro has always involved a passion for decoration, attention to detail and research into the most exquisite fabrics. This partnership is born of a common desire to make use of each company’s strengths, with the aim of setting a new benchmark in excellence for the interior design market.

Having ”dressed” the interiors with furnishings from the Home Collection, Etro is turning its attention to the walls that surround the home environment with a new project: wallpaper. A careful reproduction of the of prints used for the fabrics has opened the door to a new luxurious form of interior design. From time immemorial, humankind has been inspired to adorn the surfaces around them: in all civilisations, the nobility and middle classes have always decorated the walls of their homes with various types of coverings, adding warmth and comfort to their surroundings.

Today, the wallpaper collection includes four prints lifted from the textile ranges, with additional panels in plain colours or stripes, all designed to coordinate beautifully in the sophisticated combinations that have characterised the identity of Etro since its beginnings.

Karen 29/08/2020

Gorgeous! Worked perfectly for my project where I used this on the back of a bookshelf. Thank you.

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