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3D Wallpaper

There are many ways to decorate and design a wall. The design can vary from simple paint to intricate stone, concrete and marble designs. Paint would definitely be more affordable but can only afford a plain and common look which serves best to give your home a neater look rather than beautify it. On the other hand, custom walls like stone veneers are extremely intricate and beautiful but can cost up to $8,000 for a single wall! For most of us, $8,000 is completely over exceeds "redesign ONE wall budget".

Now, you may be thinking where is the Wallpaper part? Well here it is, 3D Wallpaper the perfect offering taking the best of both walls and leaving you satisfied and without a hole burning in your pocket! 3D Wallpaper offers intricate designs from stone, wood, marble and quartz as well as many more designs that previously was only available to the wealthy.

Cost For 4x3M Walls

Stone veneers cost $4400-$5300+

Honpo 3D Foam cost $270

Solid wood panels cost $1800-2200+

Honpo 3D Foam still costs $270

Brick Walls cost $3800-4500+

Honpo 3D Foam wall still remains the same cost at $270

Bottom line: Our 3D Foam are much cheaper and gives the same design but "slimmer" check out photos below!

Furniture design?

You can stick our wallpapers on not just walls but furnitures as well.
From table, counters to wardrobes and cabinets. you can easily change the way your house looks from the walls down to the furniture! Honpo aims to provide products for everybody to control and design their home according to what they want and need.
Product detailsSize: 99cm × 29cm × thickness 0.6cmMaterial Surface: Vinyl chloride, Sponge part: High density polyethylene (antibacterial material), Back side: Strong adhesive sealWeight: 134gAbout the productThe colours on the screen and the product may differ depending on the computer environment...
SpecificationsMaterial: PVC film (Eco-Friendly)Thickness: 3-4cmInstall Area: Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as old wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, marble, furniture, cabinets, glass, metal, tile or even in bathroom.Brand: BakutaFeaturesEasy to apply - just peel and stick! Apply to any ..
Key Highlights:1. Easy Installation- Just peel the backing paper and stick onto any flat surface!2. Highly Durable- Can withstand high temperature of fire or water, making it suitable to install anywhere in the house with rough conditions, especially kitchen and bathroom.3. High Quality Material- Ou..
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