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Toli / VS9031

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Water-Resistant – as the wallpaper is coated with a layer of PVC, water spills and water vapour will not penetrate through the wallpaper, blocked by the coating layer. This also makes it Stain-Resistant as well.

Bacterial Prevention – allergens will be killed and bacteria will be blocked off from wallpaper, making it Anti-Allergenic and Anti-Bacterial.

Non-Flammable – even after in contact with fire for 10-20 minutes , Japanese wallpapers will not burn.

Eco-Friendly – A unique technology layer is responsible to reflect sun rays, allowing you to use less lighting during the day and save electricity.

Unlimited Features – Japanese manufacturers are proficient in making wallpapers with great usage capabilities, with wallpapers being able to Eliminate Odour and Stretch to enhance durability.


Having produced vinyl sheets, carpets, vinyl planks, etc. since 1919, TOLI has mastered the art of designing interior products that focus on consumers’ comfort. The company recognises the need of having convenient products that make houses feel like home. It realises this vision through extensive research and development that breeds wallpapers with different features and excellent utility. Much of their products can be installed by the customers without needing third-party installers, a DIY product at best.


The collection focuses on solid colour blocks with realistic wall textures. TOLI once again uses technological advancements that allow wallpapers to perform feats we never see before in conventional wallpapers. From stretchability and light weight mass, VS Wall will give you the most modern wallpapers with all the features that you do not know you need for your home wallcoverings. VS Wall has a lot of different shades of white solid colour blocks with different form of textures. The colours included in the collection will elevate the beauty in the design for your homes.

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