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Rasch / Amazing / 539301

Rasch / Amazing / 539301
Rasch / Amazing / 539301
Rasch / Amazing / 539301
Rasch / Amazing / 539301
Rasch / Amazing / 539301
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Dimensions: Width 53 cm x Length 10.05m
  • material: Non-woven
  • ESTIMATED SHIPPING: In stock: 2-3 days Pre-order: 2-4 weeks

Non-Woven Material

High Grade - As our European wallpapers are mostly made from non-woven material, they are made to be durable and produced by first-class designer brands. On top of that, these wallpapers last for over 15 years, so you won’t need to worry about them going to waste.

Tear Resistant - Famous for its durability, non-woven wallpapers are not easily ripped apart. Moreover, this advantage makes these wallpapers washable too!

Anti-Mould - ‘Breathable’ is one of the top features of non-woven wallpapers, allowing vapours to pass through freely without leaving behind any mould on the wallpapers’ surface.

Fire-Retardant - The non-woven material of our wallpapers is resistant to flame with EN-15102 certification

Premium Quality - Wallpapers usually emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when installed, making them harmful to human health. Using the finest line of non-woven material, premium wallpapers are directly printed on top of the non-woven layer using a stain-resistant layer, making it PVC-Free (Polyvinyl Chloride) and VOC-Free. This also leads to them being Flame Retardant and Non-Toxic.


Coming from Germany, Rasch has been producing wallpapers for more than 150 years. Their “For the most modern and effective wallcoverings” motto, which existed in 1900, has proven to be true until now. Offering cheap yet great quality wallpapers, Rasch is a great option for those who want to experience the beauty of European wallpapers at an affordable rate.

Onszelf Amazing Collection

A few carp swim elegantly to the left of the sofa, small birds tweet in the trees to the right of the wardrobe. Like " Amazing"! in this new collection, the amsterdam design studio onszelf has interpreted japanese style in a very modern way. if you want to bring some asian lifestyle into your home, you can look forward to a fine mix of urban shapes and traditional motifs.

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