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Sincol / CF Sheet / SE2228

Sincol / CF Sheet /  SE2228
Sincol / CF Sheet /  SE2228
Sincol / CF Sheet /  SE2228
Sincol / CF Sheet /  SE2228
Sincol / CF Sheet / SE2228
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Dimensions: Width 91cm x Length 1m x Thickness 1.8mm
  • material: PVC + Glass Wool
  • ESTIMATED SHIPPING: In stock: 2-3 days <br> Pre-order: 2-4 weeks
SGD19.00 / m
Price in reward points: 320

Product information:

Sincol was founded in 1930 as a wholesale company supplying leather products.

Since establishment, we have pursued the innovation of a variety of materials, and continue to create new uses for these materials.

Over time, Sincol has become the main brand of our business for interior materials and we have continuously expanded the range of the products we have on offer.

We have grown to now be a comprehensive supplier of interior products, including livingware, covering a diverse range of lifestyle needs.

Into the future, Sincol will continue to innovate, keeping one step ahead of current trends, with consideration of the environment, offering safe and comfortable interior designs.

We will continue to refine our skillset in order to provide our customers with high satisfaction as we meet each of their diversified needs.

Quality of Sincol’s Wall Coverings
Sincol provides certainty in quality for our customers.
Our products are ranked the highest level (F☆☆☆☆) in terms of low emissions of formaldehyde, and we are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board.

A More Comfortable Lifestyle Thanks To Sincol’s Functional Wallpapers
For those who want pets, easy way to wipe-off grime, and keep the air clean.
Sincol provides a wide range of functional wallpapers to meet these needs.

“toccake” decorative wall products add an enjoyment factor to wallpaper.
We have a huge range of specialty products; “Jizai Trim Sincol x mt” is our collaboration with the popular “mt”, “FIXPIX” for wall stickers, “ferm” is our imported (from Northern Europe) series, and Quick Joiner wall designs.

A cleaner wallpaper joint line. Quick Joiner

Using Quick Joiner leads to cleaner joint lines for wallpapers of different materials, wallpapers of different colors, and wallpapers of different thicknesses. It can also be used for joints between the ceiling and walls, and between fixtures and the walls.

Since 2006, at Sincol we have been recognized with international environmental management certification of ISO14001 by the examining authority of the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, for the creation of products and development of systems that take environmental impact into account, and are people friendly.

By being certified 14001, we are socially responsible, and by making improvements to our business model, we put our upmost into sustainably providing products and services that truly provide our customers peace of mind.

Wallpaper size: 92cm(width) x qty, Japanese wallpaper usually sells by meters, not by roll, as their master roll is 50m.

Wallpaper material: Paper backing with thin vinyl surface or we call PVC paper back wallpaper.

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